Elgon Ottoman

250.00 €
250.00 €
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Elgon Ottoman

Elgon Ottoman

House of VLAdiLA emerges from an enduring love for the untamed beauty of the world. The sacredness of human existence, and the inseparable connection woven by art. So this is what we used as inspiration for the Elgon Ottoman. We firmly believe that every space yearns for a touch of visual texture. An essence that a thoughtfully chosen upholstery can bring. Whether it's the velvety feel, the character of a statement piece, or the visual harmony they create, textiles have eternally been a must-have in interior decor. Explore our carefully curated collection. Unveil a world of art and craftsmanship. A tale told by each upholstered furniture piece. Because the soft textures and statement designs promise to transform spaces into sanctuaries of style and visual delight. With every selection, you'll encounter inspiration that elevates your ambiance, turning it into a canvas of charm and elegance. Embrace the bliss of a harmonious living space. In other words, you will get to live in a world where the untamed beauty of nature and the everlasting bond of art create an atmosphere of wonder and enchantment.

Our furniture line

Welcome Home! This is a space of fascinating curiosities and artistic experiences. Here, every object is infused with stories. Nothing is accidental. The boundaries of time are blurred as each piece transports you down memory lane, back to you. Each creation is made from a space of experimentation. Because art is eternally connected to the essence of play and curiosity. Our portfolio includes a characterful collection of exquisite sofas, chairs and stools, upholstered with the same hand-painted patterns as our wallpapers. So our clients are provided with a variety of shapes and styles. From intricately executed two or three-seater sofas with beautiful rollover arms to deconstructed or fluffy buttoned-back chairs. Seated on stylish turned gold castor front legs and tapered back legs. Comfortable and elegant, opulent and stylish, every piece of furniture creates rhythm and harmony.

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